Getting involved

There are lots of different ways in which you can get involved with our church life and our local community.

If you have a particular gift or talent you would like to offer, then please do let Sue know.  We always welcome new people into every area of church life.  You do not need to be a specialist, or have lots of training, in most areas we can offer training.  You just have to have a heart and desire to serve others.

If you are not sure what you can do or want to do, then please do arrange to have a chat with Sue and she will be able to help you work out where the best fit for you might be.

We are always on the lookout for more helpers with our children and youth work, our music teams, our sound and tech team, our gardening team, DIY team – in fact just about every area of church life.

Splash Activity Team - Helpers Needed

Claire Walshe co-ordinates the children's activities during the school holidays when the Splash Club leaders are taking a well deserved break. These sessions are needed on approximately 15-18 Sundays a year. We need a small team of people of both genders, who are already trained or would be happy to undertake C1 level safeguarding training, in order to help run the sessions. C1 training is a simple online course.
If we want to keep providing activities for our children on every Sunday in the hall then we really need more people to help out in this area,  if we get a sufficient team you may only be required two or three times a year. Thanks, Sue
If you are interested in being part of this small team or you have any questions, please contact Rev Sue or the Church Office, who can put you in contact with Claire.


Small Groups – New hosts, leaders required…

 At the moment we have three small groups and I would love to see more starting. Ideally another evening group and another daytime group. However, to make that possible we need more leaders and more hosts.  I can help with training and resources, but I cannot run them. The host simply offers their home for the group to meet in and makes everyone a drink. Being the leader does not mean knowing all the answers, it means being willing to organise the group, get the resources and lead the session. There are lots of brilliant new resources you can use, including several film based courses where you just lead the discussions and there is no expectation you know all the answers. Small groups enable people to learn together, share together and pray together. I think they are crucial for our discipleship and faith development.


If you are interested in taking on either of these roles please do let Rev Sue Cooke know and have a chat with her.

As well as having ongoing areas you can get involved in we often have one off events for specific tasks and so please do keep an eye out for those and turn up if you are able.

There is always room for one more, so please do get involved wherever you can. 

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