Here you can find the current reading and themes for the sermons of this month.

For April we will have the following readings and themes:




April 7th (10am)

5th Sun of Lent

John 12: 1 - 8


Passion Sunday

April 7th (6pm)

5th Sun of Lent


Worship Space – Watching the Shack

April 14th (10am)

Palm Sunday

Psalm 118: 19 – 24

Luke 19: 28 - 40

Palm Sunday

April 18th (6.30pm)

Maundy Thursday


Maundy Thursday Meal

April 19th (2pm)

Good Friday


Hour Before the Cross

April 21st (6am)

Easter Sunday


Sunrise Service & Breakfast

April 21st (10am)

Easter Sunday

Luke 24: 1 - 12

Easter Sunday Celebration

April 28th (10am)

2nd Sun of Easter


Celebration of Mothers Union

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of one of these talks, please contact Sue.

Our theme for 2019 is:

vision card 2019