Here you can find the current reading and themes for the sermons of this month.

For March we will have the following readings and themes:




March 1st (10am)


John 13: 31 – 38

John 14: 15 - 31

Encounters with Jesus:

The Two Advocates

March 1st (7pm)


Worship Space

Film Night

“I Can Only Imagine”

March 8th (10am)


Matthew 26: 36 - 44

Encounters with Jesus:

The Obedient Master

March 15th (8.45am)


Acts 1: 1 - 11


Encounters with Jesus:

The Right Hand of the Father

March 15th (10am)


Café Church


Blind Bartimaeus

March 22nd (10am)


Luke 1: 26 - 45

Encounters with Jesus:

The Courage of Mary

March 29th (8.45am)


Ezekiel 37: 1 - 14

Dry Bones

March 29th (4pm)



APCM and

Afternoon Tea

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Our theme for 2020 is: