LucyWhere’s winter gone? Many may be glad to see the Spring arriving through the new growth and bulbs popping up and flowering which means………church gardening starts again at the end of March! The hedgerows will need trimming by then and the large evergreen shrubs need a serious haircut to keep them controllable. Some things may be better than others for certain people (like those who prefer to hedge and shrub cut and happy to climb ladders!) whilst others are happy to get on their hands and knees – just like all of us do at home with our own gardens. 

Dave gardeningOur major project for this year is to re-instate the Jubilee garden which had to be dug up to lay the pipes for the wonderful new toilet in the Webber Hall. At the end we’ll put the bench back – so many of the parish who walk past take time to sit and enjoy the sound of the birds, rest and think whatever they want to. Tea, coffee, squash, biscuits always there!! Looking forward to seeing you at some time. Any questions, please give Lynn Hedges a bell: 07841 162690.

This years dates are as follows:

Sat 24th March


Hedgerow and major shrub cutting so please bring your hedge cutters and be prepared to stand on a ladder. Also need sweeper-uppers and branch cutters and bagger-uppers

Sun 15th April

11.15am – 1.15pm

general gardening and the start of the re-instatement of the Jubilee Garden; with Sausage BBQ afterwards

Sun 20th May

11.15am – 1.15pm

general gardening with Sausage BBQ afterwards

Sat 30th June


general gardening and possibly hedge cutting


Sat 4th August 9:30am

general gardening

Sat 8th September 9:30am

final tidying of the major shrubs and hedges for this year

Sun 21st October

11.15am – 1.15pm

Leaf sweeping & putting the gardens to bed with Sausage BBQ afterwards

End of November

if we can identify a dry, sunny day, to hopefully finish sweeping up the leaves. A date to be decided at short notice