Sunday Services

We are back in the building!

first C19 service

Usually, we have a range of services:

Sunday Service

We will be running a 10am service on each Sunday. These will comprise a range of different styles and will not always be  communion services (and singing is still not permitted, nor is sharing the Peace or refreshments afterwards). The service will be every week.


We have created 16 islands, which can seat up to 28 people so that families and couples can sit together. Each island is spaced 2m apart.

 Entrance & Exit

- For all services you will enter via the Church doors. 

- The church doors will be open for ventilation.

- You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival and again when you leave.

- Please do not congregate in the porch and chat to others, you will be asked to go straight into church and take your seat.

- At the end of the service please remain in your seat until you are asked to leave.

- Then please leave through the hall and go straight out of the building, please do not congregate in the hall for a post service chat.


- Masks are required to be worn by everyone as soon as you enter the hall and until you leave.

- Children under 11 and those with medical exemptions are not required to wear masks.

- If you are using disposable masks, please ensure you use a new one every day (at least).

- If you are using a fabric mask please sure it is freshly washed - these should be washed at least daily, if not after every use.

- Reusing or not washing masks increases the risk to you and us as they harbour all sorts of germs, not just COVID-19.


- You will be required to book for this service. 

- You can only book for one week at a time, you cannot block book! However, you do not have to book for the next Sunday, you can choose a future Sunday.

- You will be allocated a seat and you will be asked to remain in that seat throughout the service.

- Communion will be brought to you and at this time you can only receive the bread and not wine.

- A mask must be worn throughout and you are asked not to remove it to consume your wafer until Sue has stepped away from you.

- The leader and speaker are not required to mask whilst speaking, but they will do so when they are seated. 

Family/Childrens Services

We have missed seeing the children and were so sad we could not run the Easter workshop and will not be able to run the Christmas one either. We cannot have cafe church or sweaty church at the moment, nor can we run Bubbles or Splash. But, we don’t like to be defeated and so instead we are launching an occasional children’s service. This service starts 10am and will be on various dates - see the website for the date of the next one. It will be aimed at the children and will be fun, interactive and a maximum of 45 minutes long.

We will be doing it in a Covid secure way. Each family will have your own ‘island’ and each island will be 2m from other islands. Entrance will be via the Church so hands can be sanitised and details taken if needed. Adults will need to wear masks.

It would be really helpful if you could please tell us you are coming so that we can set the church with the right number of islands. If you don’t book, you can of course just turn up and if we have space we will fill you in, (we expect we would have space) but it is easier to know if you can tell us. To book please reply to this email or ring the office on 020 8393 7273.