GENESIS LOGO    Genesis - Yrs 7+    

We welcome all young people who are aged 11 to 18, to join our fun and engaging community of young people.                                

We run an exciting and varied programme of events on Sunday evenings each month, which are a mix of social, games and thought provoking activities.

The programme we run is split into three regular main activities a month.

1) Two sessions are run in the Webber Hall on Sunday evenings at the new time of 7pm-8.30pm, We are currently running the Youth Alpha Course.

2) A dedicated Games Night once a month, where young people can meet, unwind and catch up with friends, whilst playing games with snacks after the Worship Cafe finishes, also at 7pm-8.30pm.

3) A dedicated evening at the Vicarage with Rev John, which will be a relaxed and fun time where we will meet as a group to catch up, eat and enjoy different activities. 7pm - 8.30pm


In addition, we will also be running special one off events where we will meet other local church youth groups, or enjoy other types of social events.

Please see the below SUMMER programme for a list of dates, times and places for these activities, together with some example flyers showing the format for each main session, each month we run.

In the Genesis group and at All Saints, we are passionate about helping young people to find their voice and grow in confidence, as they develop their knowledge and understanding of Christian discipleship.




So come along and take the first step in a exciting larger journey. We really look forward to meeting you!