Corona and All Saints

Staying connected in difficult times:

We may have to socially distance and change the way we interact, but as a community we have grown stronger, more visible and are staying connected - despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Here are some ways in which we are 'together':

wall hanging

fence posters2

 ... AND NOW - in line with current restrictions - the building is OPEN again... 

... and we ARE BACK in the building FOR

Sunday Services:

church building

These are difficult times and we have and still are missing you all! But we keep going and are pleased to announce that we are finally back in the building for a few of our activities!

If you would like to attend one of our Sunday services in person in church, please make sure you book your space in advance (click here to send an email or give us a call); please note - you will also need to wear face covering while being in church. 

Even though we still cannot sing, gather for tea and coffee, walk around or share the peace, we are very grateful that we can be together at last! Note that service times vary, with weeks alternating between a communion service at 9:15am, followed by the (bi-weekly) family/children service at 10:30 and 10am (with Genesis meeting at the same time).

We also still have a recorded service every Sunday, which can be found here and on our YouTube channelOur December dates are now available on our Christmas page


Calling all families with young children for a special mission:



And we also have a special service for children planned:


Stay safe everyone and keep praying for one another, contacting one another and gathering when safely.


In addition, we will be running an online Nativity Service on December 24th, 10:30 am (via zoom - details to follow here)


Bible Reading

I know many of you really enjoyed using your daily strength books and now we are into a new month are wondering what next. You can of course go through the booklet again, but below are some additional ideas to encourage you to become more familiar with the Bible.

Lectio 365 - this is an app from the 24/7 prayer movement that every day helps you to pray the Bible, it is really good and they keep it current to things going on in our world. More details can be found here:

The Bible in a Year - this is a free app that gives three texts of the Bible every day and an explanation/commentary on them. You can choose to have a daily email instead if you don’t want to use the app. There is also the option to hear the passages being read to you.

Leeds Minster - the leader of Leeds Minster is making a series of excellent videos summarising each book of the Bible, they are short, engaging and give a great introduction to each book. You could watch a film and then try and read the book. They are available on YouTube, the link is here:

The Chosen - this is a crowd funded project bringing Bible stories to life through the eyes of those who met Jesus, the first series has got excellent reviews and there is a second series planned. The link for that is here and I believe it is coming to Netflix:

The Bible Project - this is a series of animated films that either explore a book of the Bible or a theme within the Bible, again they are free and very good and offer a good starting point.

Books - if you want a book to help you read the Bible then I recommend, “How to read the Bible for all its worth” by Gordon Fee, or his book by book version. 

Obviously, none of these can replace reading the Bible itself, but all of these will help to give you insight into the Bible and perhaps make it more accessible.  If you want help with a particular area or issue then please do let me know and I would be delighted to help.