SueVLada1. We will have a new curate, Vlada, who will be with us from the summer. A full time hospital chaplain Vlada lives in Nork with his family and he will be with us on alternating Sundays and on an ad hoc basis during the week. We look forward twelcoming him to our church family.

2. After discussions with the diocese we have made a free will offering of £6,500 to the Bishop’s Mission Fund. The diocese has in turn forgiven us our £65,000 debt. This is amazing news.

3. On April 23rd our new youth café launches, and we are really excited to see how that develops and increases our contact with young people in our local area. 

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Congregation 2019

2020 Vision Launch

card 2020

We are excited to have launched our new 2-year vision plan on January 13th. If you want to know about where we are heading and what is guiding us, you can find out more on the Vision 2020 link. You can also listen to Rev Sue's talk, which you can find here.

Forthcoming Events in June





Sat 1st

9 am

Church Grounds


Sun 2nd


St Ebba's

Horse Race Game

Mon 3rd


Webber Hall


Wed 5th


Janets' House*

Bible Course  

Fri 7th 



Bowls Game Night Outing

 Tue 11th


27 Fulford Road

Prayer Meeting

Wed 12th


Janets' House*

Bible Course 

Wed 19th


Janets' House*

Bible Course 

Wed 19th

2.30pm – 4.30pm &
 7.30pm – 9.30pm    

Webber HallGetting Crafty

Fri 21st 


Church Hall 

Table Top Games 

Tues 25th 


 27 Fulford Road

 Prayer Meeting

Wed 26th 


Webber Hall 

 Cake & Company

*if you need further information regarding the location of an event, please contact the Church Office or Rev Sue and they will be happy to provide additional details

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our many activities and events! 

Other Forthcoming Events in 2019

Sunday 14th July – 125th Anniversary Celebration Service with Bishop Andrew

Friday 13th September – 125th Anniversary Dinner Dance at Glenmore House

Confirmation Service at All Saints 

This year on Sunday 2nd June at 10am we will be hosting a confirmation service and will be joined by Bishop Jo. This is a very special service and it is a long time since we have hosted one. If you have not been confirmed but are interested in what it means then please let me know. The first stage will be for Sue to gather everyone together and talk about what confirmation is and then you can decide if you definitely want to be confirmed. An initial expression of interest does not mean a firm commitment and if you decide not to go ahead then that is fine, but please do not miss out on the opportunity to be confirmed here at All Saints if you would like to and get in touch with Rev Sue Cooke.