The building is open again - please come to one of our 10am Sunday services (booking required, though)

*if you need further information regarding the location of an event, please contact the Church Office and Karen will be happy to provide additional details.

Building Opening for Services 

Church Services in the Building

- see 'Whats On' and 'Sunday Service's for details.


If you are ill after attending a service in the building and test positive for COVID-19 please tell me as soon as possible.

The collection will not be passed around, we will put a basket out for donations, but if you are able to make a contactless donation that would be much appreciated.
I know all of this might seem daunting, frustrating and possibly even annoying. It does not bring us any joy to say you must book for services, numbers are limited etc…
If we find we regularly have more people wanting to come for communion than we can accommodate I will introduce those additional services. This is new territory for all of us and we are learning as we go along and as the regulations keep changing. 
Please be patient with us and with those who will be hosting on Sunday and who will be asking you to sit in specific places, sanitise your hands, leave the building etc… They are trying to keep us all safe. 

Online Services 

We will continue to put out an online offering every Sunday via our YouTube channel.

There will usually be hymn, a reading, prayers and whoever is due to speak on Sunday will record the talk that they will be giving on Sunday and that will be included. 

The King’s Storeroom

Graham, who used to run CLC in Tolworth, has opened a bookshop in The Richard Mayo Centre in Kingston. Graham can be contacted by phone on 0208 3905400 or email

Letter from the Wardens & PCC

Dear Church Family, 
We are sure that by now you will have read or heard the news that Sue has been called by God to move to a new parish later this year.

Our loss is obviously their blessing and we hope and pray that she will bring the same expansion of faith, prayer, spirituality, growth and fellowship to her new church that we have experienced over the past years. Change is never easy and we know that Sue will be sorely missed. However, reflecting on our last sermon series, we know that God has a plan for us as individuals and as a church and so we look to the future sure in the belief that our journeying with Jesus will continue under the guidance of our new vicar, whoever that may be. As some of you may know, we are unable to advertise the post until Sue is formally inducted into her new church. We will be doing much of the groundwork and preparing the Parish Profile (for use in the job posting) whilst Sue is still with us and with her blessing and support. The time between Sue’s leaving and our new Vicar beginning is called the “Interregnum’. During this time the churchwardens and PCC, supported by the diocese, will be responsible for running All Saints. We commit to you that we will do all in our power to maintain the momentum Sue has started – we do not underestimate the challenge! Obviously this will be a period of uncertainty and we would ask all of you to pray for our future, pray for Sue in her new role and pray especially for the churchwardens and PCC members. We will do our best and with the support of all of you we are confident that All Saints will prepare itself well for our next season. 
At our APCM yesterday we gave our thanks to the outgoing members of the PCC and welcomed our new members in. We will be allocating them to the church members in due course. We also elected a new Church Warden, Elaine Craggs, and Deputy Warden, Barbara Clarke. Dave Underwood will be continuing as the other Church Warden. Please include our PCC, Wardens and the other church leaders in your prayers as their wisdom and hard work will be critical over the Interregnum. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any of them. As we look to the next few months we remain confident in the promises made to us in the bible: “For I know the plans I have for you “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” We look forward to our future together! 

Thanking you in anticipation for your prayers and support over the next months, 

The Churchwardens and PCC

Vicar's Letter

Sunday 23rd August 2020 
To my fabulous church family,
In March 2016 when I came to visit All Saints prior to my interview the question I knew God was asking me was, “Can you love these people?”.  It was not at that stage about what I was to do, change, introduce, start, close, or tidy up! Simply could I love you and I knew I could. Since that day I have done my best to love you as a church and to love you as individuals. In Romans 12, Paul encourages us to “rejoice with those rejoice and to weep with those who weep”. I’ve definitely rejoiced with you – we have laughed, danced, played, cleaned, gardened, adventured, eaten and drunk a lot of tea (and some G&Ts) together. I have also wept with you as you have gone through trials, illnesses and bereavements. I don’t take lightly the privilege of any of what we have shared.
The call to serve and love a church family is amazing and costly and it’s especially costly when God’s call to move on and leave comes. I am writing today to let you all know that I have been offered (subject to checks) and accepted a new post as Vicar of ‘St Thomas with St Stephen’ in Telford Park, Balham in the Diocese of Southwark.
“Show me Your ways, Lord, teach me Your paths.” Psalm 25:4
None of us could have imagined how this year was going to turn out when God gave us this verse and this has not been an easy decision. Every obstacle I put in the way God has dealt with. I prayed about the implications of my leaving for what will be a newly elected churchwarden and Dave our continuing churchwarden. It is their responsibility to lead the church during an interregnum. Dave works full-time in a busy job with a lot of travelling. I knew that when I persuaded him to be churchwarden three years ago, but I also knew then that he was the right person. I felt that to leave at this time would be too much and I would withdraw. Only hours later Dave told me that he was taking early retirement from his job, that he did not know why but he knew God had a plan for him and he would be able to give more time to the church in just a few months. He had no idea about my potential new post.
The God who calls us is faithful and He will provide for all I need and for all we as a church need for this current season and all you as a church will require in the season after I leave and all future seasons.
I will be leaving around Christmas time, but exact dates and plans are yet to be confirmed. Covid and social distancing mean that Christmas will already have to be very different from anything we have experienced before but plans and preparations for that are for another time.
What I can assure you of is that in the coming months I will continue to work hard, to serve, lead and love you – I hope you know that there will be no slacking off from me! I will be working with the wardens and the PCC to help them plan and prepare for the interregnum and to get our profile and all that is required ready for the vacancy to be advertised as soon as is permitted. I have no doubt this will be an easy post to fill – who wouldn’t want to have the delight and privilege of being your Vicar? 
You are the most wonderful church; I cannot even begin to think yet about how much I will miss each and every one of you and for now I am going to keep treasuring all the adventures God still has planned for us.
Please don’t be sad or angry. Please pray, trust that God knows what He is doing, and He is already preparing your next Vicar for you, who will be exactly what you need for your next season. Maybe part of His plan is moving me out the way to make space for that person! If you want to talk or have questions, please pick up the phone or join me for our online communion on Tuesday.
With much love and my prayers for you all, Sue xx

Vicar's Letter - July 2020