Other ways of Helping

Milk Bottles Needed

If you have milk in 2, 4 or 6 pint plastic containers please could you start collecting the bottles for us. They need to be thoroughly washed out, labels removed and if possible rinsed with a mild bleach or Milton solution and then left to dry out. We will need lots of them for a project in church and we really cannot have them smelling sour and so all traces of milk need to be removed. If you can please start to save them up for us that would be so very helpful. If you have somewhere you can store them for now that would be great. We have limited places we can store them, and we will then be asking for them all to be brought in to church in November.
Many Thanks, Sue

Giving your talents

Are you good at knitting? Or an excellent cook? Or do you love to watch the stars? Dance? Are good at telling stories? We all have talents and we would love to hear about yours - especially if you'd like to share it with the Church family. If you'd like to get involved, please talk to someone in the office or let Sue know. You can also use this form (click here) to indicate how you would like to get involved.