Special Events

There is a lot going on at All Saints - and we would love to see you at one of our events! On the 'What's On' page you can find an overview of dates for your diary. Other events are listed below:


Men’s Beer & Curry Night - Friday 1st February

Come along to the Webber Hall on 1st February @7.30pm, bringing your own beer or soft drink, and we will order a curry at 7.45pm to be delivered to the Webber Hall.  Please bring some money. If you know you’re definitely coming please text Robert Bourne on 07545 479445.


Confirmation Service at All Saints

This year on Sunday 2nd June at 10am we will be hosting a confirmation service and will be joined by Bishop Jo. This is a very special service and it is a long time since we have hosted one. If you have not been confirmed but are interested in what it means then please let me know.  The first stage will be for me to gather everyone together and talk about what confirmation is and then you can decide if you definitely want to be confirmed. An initial expression of interest does not mean a firm commitment and if you decide not to go ahead then that is fine, but please do not miss out on the opportunity to be confirmed here at All Saints if you would like to. 


Course: 'Exploring Anxiety and Depression'

This course seeks to provide helpful perspectives in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, but does not provide counselling or therapy. Professional and experienced speakers will help us tackle the effects of anxiety and depression in our lives. There is also ample time for discussion.

I’m just so grateful, as without coming and exploring different ways of helping myself, I’d still be in the same place I was in September.’ I am not alone. I am not the worst depressive or anxious person. People are so important.

This 10 week course is free and open to everyone. If you would like to come along, or wish to discuss whether it would be right for you, please call Judith on 07906 224 056 or email her here. For more information click here.

Starts: Wednesday, 27th February at 7.45 pm.

Where: St Pauls, Northey Avenue, Cheam